How I Can Help

These are some of the areas of my experience and expertise:

Distress and trauma

  • Memories or flashbacks to childhood abuse or trauma
  • Unexplained illness and psychosomatic symptoms
  • Stress, and panic attacks
  • Persistent negative thoughts and feelings, low self-esteem
  • Experience depression, anxiety, or suicidal feelings
  • Feeling highly stressed, guilty, or lacking in motivation
  • Work-related problems, exploitation, or discrimination
  • A life crisis or transition


  • Problems with making or maintaining relationships
  • Sexual problems and concerns
  • Relationships that have reached a ‘stuck’ point
  • Anger management
  • Coping with being bullied or harassed
  • Parental alienation


  • Loss of meaning and purpose in life
  • The impact of oppression: racism, sexism or homophobia
  • Feelings of confusion about who you are, problems with identity
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQI) issues and concerns 


  • Loss, bereavement or relationship breakdown
  • Redundancy and coping with the fear of losing your job  
  • Coping with painful memories
  • Coping with thoughts and dreams
Working Together

What To Expect in Your First Session

I wish to develop a relationship where talking about your concerns is possible. The initial session is usually fifty minutes long and is an opportunity for you to get a sense of whether you feel comfortable enough to engage in counselling.

It is understandable that you may feel uncomfortable or nervous if this is the first time you have met with a therapist, and it is fine to talk in your own time about the concerns that have brought you to counselling.

You can expect me to listen carefully to what you have to say and occasionally confirm with you my understanding of your problems.

This session is also an opportunity for you to ask me any questions, including what you can expect from therapy and how I may work with you.

Should you decide to continue working together, an appointment can be made and the boundaries of the work discussed with you.

There may be a time in your life where you feel that support and understanding from another person could be beneficial to you. You can expect a high-level of empathic understanding, an environment where you won't be judged and an honest response from me, regarding any questions or concerns you may bring.

My Approach

Counselling & Integrative Psychotherapy in London

How To Contact Me

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